Build leadership skills one-on-one


Work one-on-one with an experienced design coach to tap into your creativity as a leader and transform the way you work with your team and cross-functional counterparts.

Learn best practices honed from years of operational experience and get an outsider’s perspective on navigating your team's unique challenges. 

Sessions are designed to work for you over a six month minimum period—whether that’s face to face, over video chat, or a mix.

Team coaching is also available to bring together design leaders being coached individually or in conjunction with learning and development programs.

I’ve come to think of Mia as a lighthouse, helping me navigate through the fog. Mia has been a tireless advocate, champion, and coach. She has helped me stay committed and focused through adversity. She has truly stood beside me as I leveled up my career again and again — through hypergrowth, and now through a major acquisition as I step into an executive role.
— Sally Carson, Director of Product Design of Duo, Cisco

We work with clients to:



Craft a path to creative leadership.


Leadership profile

Develop self-awareness around current leadership skills and areas for improvement


Leadership values

Identify what drives your approach and learn to lead from these principles



Reconnect with your creativity in your day-to-day leadership activities and beyond


Resilience practices

Build resilience for leading in the midst of constant change typical of growth organizations


Inner critic

Learn to recognize and move beyond the inner narratives that hold you back


Design healthy creative organizations.


Creative Management

Fostering an environment where people and creativity thrives


Design Critique

Fostering a culture of healthy debate and critique to elevate the work and grow the team


Design Vision and Execution

Developing an inspiring vision and engaging others in bringing it to life


Organizational Design

Building a common purpose and the organizational structures, roles and incentives to support it


Relationship Development

Cultivating cooperative relationships within creative and cross-functional teams

I asked Mia to help me assess my Product Design organization and pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses. She was an invaluable partner in helping me see around corners and provided great advice that was based on her extensive real world experience. The end result was an up-leveled, happier and more productive team.
— Rhiannon Bell, VP of Design at Nerdwallet
Mia is wise! I come to her feeling fragmented, overwhelmed and stuck. She has a manner of asking questions, probing deeper and within a matter of minutes I am able to find answer to my problems, feel in control and belief in my abilities as a leader. I’ll always want her as my mentor, guide and coach to navigate this challenging and exhilarating world of tech.
— Apeksha Garga, Director of Design at Wealthfront
Leading a design team can be very challenging. Having someone outside of your organization with great design leadership experience to mentor you is incredibly helpful. Her warm personality, vast experience in the design field and ability to ask the right questions makes Mia the best mentor you can wish for.
— Wouter de Bres, Director of Product Design at Degreed

Advance your leadership craft through coaching.